Sk8factory has been making skateboards for over 15 years and it shows. After using this company for many years I have seen how far they have grown. From manually cutting the boards by hand to stepping it up to a cnc machine and robotic arms doing labor it shows that the owner really knows what he is doing. It takes a special person that is really smart to design a production line using robotic arms. This is a good indicator that the boards themselves are top notch. I can't image that any board they make would be less than perfect. I know how picky they are about reprinting or not letting any kind of less than perfect board leave their factory. The engendering that goes into building a semi automated skateboard factory has to be extremely difficult to dream up. A company that can design and build a quality skateboard is hard to come by these days in the USA. While most of their competitors are bringing in overseas or imported boards and simply printing on them is taking the easy route. It shows that they really care about you the consumer when they take the time to make the boards in house standing behind each and every board that leaves their factory floor. In order to stay in this market you have to make a quality product so by them doing it for as long as they have displays how well their products are. From the glue to the print they do it all for you at the best possible price. I recommend everyone to use them for their shops or brand name decks because I know that you will have customers that will come back for more only because the wood is so good. Skateboarding is a great sport really popular and it is sad to see most companies using other suppliers that just don't compare.

About making custom skateboards.

When you decide where to buy your custom skateboards make sure you test them and compare them to what others have to offer. Be prepared to have your graphics ready or ask for help with design tips to make sure it will print the best quality before moving forward. There are many skateboard manufacturers out theirs and by far sk8factory is the best. With a ton of shapes to pick from and low minimums you can't go wrong. No setup fees no minims you can buy just one skateboard with your graphic.

This one stop shop does not offer other products not a jack of all trades but and expert on making skateboards. I think sticking to one product and making it well is best for the end users. I know of other real manufactures that make wheels and they don't print shirts or skateboards they only do what they do best. It is kind of scary to see others that supply skateboards and also sell denim or wheels or even mouse pads. Stick with a core suppliers that specify don one thing and do it well.


How to get your custom skateboard made at sk8factory

Start by going to the site and start the online design studio. You can add your images or use the clip art and fonts the site provides. When you have the graphic the way you want save it and check out. Really simple and easy. They don't stock any boards. The boards on the factory floor are in production for the orders they are shipping at the time. Most single or Under the Minimum orders are shipped within 10-15 business days. Once they print and ship your board you will get a a tracking no sent to you by UPS.

As a manufacturer in the USA with fine quality craftsmanship they are willing to help build any brand you are looking to start. You can talk directly to the owner and discuss your plans for your first or continued orders.

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