Longboard Wheels

Here are just some of our blanklongboard wheels. These longboard wheels are sold online only. Until our shopping cart is set up we can only sell them in bulk. Please send us a email for prices and availability.

All of our longboard wheels have been tested for quality and duability. These wheels will last and slide well for downhill longboarding. We even offer custom longboard wheel printing for your logos and graphics. Try setting yourself up with a custom longboard or skateboard with your own graphics.

  blank skateboards
black longboard wheels red longboard wheels neon green wheels
          blank skateboard decks shapes
    clear blue longboard wheels   red longboard wheels   pink longboard wheels    

Facts on wheels

Longboard wheels are softer and have a much smoother ride than the normal standard shortboard. Longboard wheels are much taller with more surface area than a skateboard wheel that is hard and made for ramps street tricks. When looking for longboard wheels keep in mind that the taller the wheel the less the bearings have to spin giving you a longer ride for each push. Only problem with taller wheels is that you have to reach down farther to hit the pavement. This is where the drop down longboard or drop through longboard came into play. The drop through longboards get you closer to the ground so the reach is much shorter making it an even better riding experience.

blank skateboards
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