Blank Skateboard

Blank skateboard decks at factory direct prices below wholesale. Our blank skateboards are made here in our factory with 100% Canadian maple. Our wood is strong and last longer than any imported board. Make sure you buy your blank skateboards factory direct. We stand behind our products because we hand craft them ourselves. Trust that the skateboards you buy come from a reliable source. There are many people selling blank decks but not all of them make them in their own facility. When you buy directly from the factory you know that you are getting quality wood. We don't buy and sell skateboards and hope that you are happy with them. We make them so you always get a quality skateboard at factory prices.

  blank skateboards
blank skateboard deck
five blank skateboards
ten blank skateboard decks
blank skateboard decks shapes
Ten blank skateboards colors may varry
One Blank skateboard colors may varry
Five Blank skateboards colors may varry

Email us your order! Call in for questions or just send us a email for all your questions!

We want to get to know you and build a relationship with you. We know once you get our boards you will be asking for more because they are just that good. I am sure you have dealt with the online auctions the boards don't last and you know it. Buy from us and you get a quality made USA skateboard or longboard that last longer and is stronger than the online auctions. We have the best price in the industry since we make them in our factory with state of the art equipment.

stee concave blank skateboard


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